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Right Click Download Link You Want To Download. Navigate To Save Link As... Choose Location You Want To Save File Too, Then Click Save. To Download Links.

Click The Link Too The Right  To Get Free Gears of War 3 Avatar Baird Goggles.

How To Get Gears Of War Baird Goggles Tutorial:
First Click The Link To The Right Called (Gears Of War Baird Goggles). It Will Take You To Facebook Where You'll Need To Log Into Your Facebook Account, Next You'll Need To Enter Your Birthday To Verify You Age (Seeing Gears of War Is Rated M (Mature 17+*) For Blood, Gore, Intense Violence And Strong Language). Next Watch The E3 2013: Gears of War: Judgment Video. After The Video Click Share The Teaser And Get Your Code Via Your Wall. After You Share It A 25 Character Code Will Appear Witch You'll Need To Enter On Ether Your Xbox Console Or On
There's A Link To The Right To Show You How To Redeem Xbox Live Prepaid Codes.

Click The Image Below To Download The Gears of War - GPD Editor v2.5 .rar Will Need And Extractor If You Don't Already Have One.

Too The Right In Red Will Be Instructions On How To Use It.
I Did Not Create This I Only Indorse It. All Credit Goes To Philymaster. You Can View Philymaster's Profile Here...

- You can unlock all online achievements.

How to use:

1.) Extract the profile.
2.) Extract the Gears of War GPD (4D5307D5).
3.) Use editor to open the GPD.
4.) Replace the GPD in your profile.
5.) Use Horizon to Rehash & Resign and copy the profile to device.
6.) Start Gears of War and make the follow things.


If you start the game you have to make these things to get the achievements.

Play a ranked match (Lose or Win):
- Unlocks: All Kill Achievements, Revived Mates.
Play a ranked match (Win):
- Unlocks: Mix It Up, Around The World.
Play a ranked match (Win ... to 0):
- Unlocks: Can't Touch Me.
DLC Achievements:
- Just make what the achievements says.


Q: Will i become banned?
A: I guess no. I have used this method two years ago and I didn't recieve a ban.

Q: The File can't open. What can i do?
A: Make sure you have played a ranked match, before you use the editor.

Q: Will the game save the stats to the leaderboard?
A: No. The stats in the profile are only for the achievements, they affect the leaderboards in no wise.

Click The Link Below To Get The Dynasty Suite. Formerly Known As Manaview.

The Link Below Leads To Dynasty's Support Page To Help With Anything You'll Need To Know About This Addon Suite.

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